Primary Flight Training

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For more than 30 years, Paul Santopietro has been teaching primary flight training.  During that time thousands of students have trained with “Captain Paul” and become excellent pilots, passing their check rides and going on to years of flying for recreation or professionally.

Paul’s list of accomplishments and ratings is extensive, but what really matters is how well he works with students.  Paul is a pilot that people enjoy flying with and a teacher that students love to learn from.  He knows flying like the back of his hand and can communicate that knowledge so that students get it quickly and apply it regularly in their flying.

With locations on Martha’s Vineyard and Central Florida, Paul is available to set-up a regular training schedule at his airport or yours.

Whether the student is as young as 14 or as old as their grandparents, “Captain Paul” has long been an excellent choice for primary training.  When you’re ready to start flying, call Paul Santopietro at “Captain Paul’s Flight School and Tailwheel Academy.”

Captain Paul will get your flight training off the ground.

To schedule your flight training,

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